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training dog to walk on leash

Details of the Course

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In our Day Training program, your dog will receive professional training at our home and return home with you every evening. This program includes training in diverse environments with distractions and opportunities for socialization with both dogs and people. Ideal for working owners, our program allows you to drop off your dog while you work and pick them up to spend the night at home, offering an economical and convenient choice.


You have the option to select from three training plans, tailored to match your specific goals and your dog's unique requirements.

Each package comes with the following inclusions:

  1. Manners: Addressing common issues like loose leash walking, greeting a people, and sit politely at doors.

  2. Heeling: Teaching your dog to walk by your side and automatically sit when you stop.

  3. Sit/Down commands.

  4. Down stay: Ensuring your dog remains in place when instructed.

  5. Place command: Training your dog to stay in a designated area.

  6. Recall training (off-leash) *excluding the 2-week package.

  7. Initial Consultation.

  8. Weekly sessions with a trainer.

  9. Guaranteed Lifetime Follow-Up Lesson

2-Week Program

On-Leash Foundation Course

In addition to the items listed in the Course Overview, this program also covers: 

  1. On-Leash Heeling.

  2. 15-Minute Down Stay.

  3. 15-Minute Place command.

4-Week Program

 Foundation Course with Off-Leash Recall 

This program builds upon the items mentioned in the Course Overview and includes

  1. On-Leash Heeling.

  2. 15-Minute Down Stay.

  3. 15-Minute Place command.

  4. Off-leash Recall and Place commands.

6-Week Program

Comprehensive Training Package with Off-Leash Mastery 

This ultimate training package extends beyond the Course Overview to include

  1. On-Leash and Off-Leash Heeling.

  2. 30-Minute Down Stay.

  3. 30-Minute Place command.

  4. Offsite Training: Your dog will accompany us to various locations, such as stores and outdoor settings, to reinforce their training in diverse environments.

Scheduling Information

Our Day Training Programs operate from Monday to Friday.

DROP OFF: Between 7 AM and 8:30 AM

PICK UP: Between 5 PM and 6 PM

At Taurus K9, we are committed to providing our clients with FREE CONSULTATIONS!

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