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Board and Train

Dog House

Join our Board and Train program, where your beloved dog will enjoy a stay in our home while receiving expert guidance from our certified trainers. With in-board training, we provide the consistency needed during the toughest training phases, resulting in a smoother learning experience and a more dependable outcome.


Course Overview


Depending on your goals and the dog’s needs, we have 3 training plans that you can choose from:

All packages include the following:

  • Manners : We will fix everyday problems such as pulling on walks, jumping on people, bolting through doors, etc.

  • Heeling: your dog will heel by your side and automatically sit when you stop

  • Sit / Down

  • Down stay – your dog will stay at the location

  • Place – your dog will stay a targeted place

  • Come when called (off leash) *not included in 2 week package

  • Offsite Training *not included in 2 or 4 week packages

  • Initial Consultation

  • Private Handover Session

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Follow-Up Lessons

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