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Puppy training

Our Philosophy


Our approach centers on comprehending the unique temperament of each dog and devising a training strategy rooted in scientific principles to achieve the ultimate training objective effectively. We employ motivational techniques to ensure the dog learns with minimal stress, going beyond mere command teaching to instill a broader understanding of how to perform in various situations. Our guiding principle in training is to create an environment where the dog is primed for success.


We provide a variety of programs to ensure there's an option that perfectly suits your way of life!

puppy obedience

Our puppy program is crafted to provide your young companion with the ultimate head start. Through positive reinforcement methods, your puppy will swiftly grasp vital obedience cues and develop crucial socialization abilities.

behavioral training for dogs

For dogs grappling with behavioral challenges like aggression, biting, or intense anxiety, count on us. We're renowned for successfully rehabilitating dogs that other trainers have struggled to help.

Dog Obedience

The number one choice for pet parents. Your dog stays with us, ensuring a consistent and stress-free training experience. Ideal for busy individuals with erratic schedules or those requiring boarding during trips.

Recall training for dogs

Perfect for individuals residing nearby who can readily commit to daily drop-off and pickup for their dogs.

Advanced dog training

For dog owners who prefer a proactive role and have the enthusiasm to actively participate in their dog's training, our program entails weekly lessons.

Aggressive dog training

Our trainers boast extensive experience in the training of personal protection dogs, dedicated to enhancing the safety and security of individuals and families.

Police K9 services

Our trainers have collaborated with numerous police departments and have successfully prepared K9s for duty in law enforcement. 

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